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Cottage Closing Tips

Seasonal Storage Tips You’ll Appreciate Next Year

While the summer days are drifting away into those cool autumn nights, make sure your belongings are kept safe for next year. From closing up your cottage to putting away your favourite pool noodle, we’re your storage experts all year-round. 

To make sure that you can pick up where left off this year, we wanted to share some end of the Summer-season storage tips!

We spend most of the colder months inside. It’s worth considering making some extra space and taking back your basement by using a storage container. A mobile storage container makes the work of self-storage that much easier by having your container delivered to your front door. What about your cottage? Our containers can be delivered anywhere in southern Ontario, so whether it’s your home or your home away from home, Mobile Storage Rentals is there to keep your things safe and secure. 


Closing down your cottage is essential to keep your property safe and in tip-top shape over the winter months. Some of the major tasks that go with closing your cottage are:

  • Shut off Gas/Heat – If your cottage is propane heated, make sure to bring home the tanks, sudden changes in temperature can cause compressed gases to combust. 
  • Shutting off your water – No Heat + water in pipes = exploding pipes. Drain your toilet too, you’ll thank us next spring.  
  • Empty fridge and bring home perishable foods – Again, you’ll thank us next spring.  
  • Put away all life vests, first aid kits, water toys and outdoor furniture, if your cottage is hard to get to during the winter, it’s best to store these items in a place you can access them just in case. 

For those who have the luxury of owning your own pier, newer piers can actually be brought in and disassembled. Keeping this in a storage container ensures your investment is safe and that no bacteria or pests make it into your cottage. 

Inside Your House

Your home takes on many duties during the winter months, going from a house to everyone’s hangout spot. Spending that much time in a cramped space can make winter months a drag, take back your basement and make the most of your area by doing a bit of autumn-cleaning. 

What you decide to keep depends on your needs, but with our storage tips, you can make sure your packing job leaves you easy access to your belongings. So as you go through your house, use these ideas to determine what you’ll keep and what goes into storage.

  • Wardrobe – once the temperature starts to dip, go through your summer clothes and see what fits and store what you want to keep for next year, everything else can be donated. 
  • AC/Heater Swap – If your living situation requires an external A/C, swap it out for a heater or store it safely once the weather starts to get colder. 
  • Beach Supplies & Pool Toys – Why keep things you won’t use until next year? Beach supplies like towels, parasols, pool toys and swimming gear can go into storage. This helps keep your items away from pests that can chew through your swimming items, saving you money in the long run. 
  • Plan Ahead – The holiday season is fast approaching, do you have room to host gatherings and celebrations? Take a quick trip around your home, are there items that can go into storage, so you have more space for guests? 

While you could keep these items in your basement, a steel storage container brings the benefits of being pest-proof, waterproof and fireproof so you can reclaim your space. 

Backyard, Garden and Yard

As the warmer months wrap up and you find yourself using your lawn tools less, take the time to do a final maintenance check on them before storing them away. This way, they’re out of harm’s way, out of reach from curious little hands, and you can make more room in your home for winter tools. 

What’s summer without the BBQ? Keep your grill safe and ready for next year by keeping it in a storage container to keep it secure. When Storing a BBQ, keep in mind to:

  • Remove propane tank and coals – NEVER store combustible materials as the temperatures can change, causing them to combust. 
  • Clean out ash, grease and food bits from the bottom of the grill, as it can attract pests. 

Pro Tip: Once you have cleaned the grill, leave a light layer of oil on it, this will keep it from oxidizing and rusting. 

No combustible chemicals are permitted to be stored in our shipping containers as it’s a safety hazard. 

Outdoor Furniture

We all love a good set of patio furniture, but why let your investment rust outdoors when you can keep them safe and sound in a storage container? Keep your backyard oasis in pristine condition for yourself next year, here are some things to keep in mind when you store outdoor furniture. 

  •  Clean fabrics – Cushions and hammocks should go through a cleaning cycle before going away in storage, this eliminates any pests and keeps them fresh for next year. 
  • Wipe down metal furniture with rust-deterrent before placing in storage 

Pro Tip: Store patio chairs by stacking them on top of each other and cover the legs with plastic bags for added protection.

Summer Toys

It’s the end of the summer, and it’s time to start thinking about one of the toughest jobs to do: Packing up your toys. Things like canoes, ATVs, boats and motorcycles can all be stored in a mobile storage container. Here are some things to consider when storing summer vehicles and water vessels:

  • Motorized vehicles like ATVs and Motorcycles can be stored as long as they are drained of fuel, and the battery is stored outside the vehicle. 
  • Vessels like canoes and boats should be drained, cleaned and stored. Check to make sure life vests, first aid kits and equipment are in working order.
  • All vehicles should go through one last maintenance check to ensure everything is in working order and ready for next year. 

So ends another summer, your cottage is packed, the backyard is ready for Fall leaves and your container is tucked away at our storage facility, storage has never been this simple. Fill out the free quote form and start your move on the right note with Mobile Storage Rentals!

Storage Locker

What Can You Use Shipping Containers For?

We’ve all thought it at one point; we see the shipping container in someone’s driveway, the thought appears- “they need it for extra storage,” and you move on. Repurposing shipping containers as storage pods is a great idea. They’re made to travel far and take a beating while keeping cargo safe, it’s no surprise that they make great storage lockers, but what else can shipping containers be used for? 

Some people see a big steel box, but let’s go down this journey of thinking outside the box of what you can do with your storage container. 

Before we go too far down this rabbit hole, let’s get the two obvious uses out of the way: shipping containers make great storage lockers and moving trucks.


MSR storage pods aren’t your regular storage locker, and our containers are made with one thing in mind: keeping your belongings safe. Our shipping containers are as tough as steel – because they are steel – and their designs are made to be portable, delivered directly to your door. 

  • Weatherproof – our containers are inspected and maintained regularly to ensure no leaks are present.
  • Fireproof –Steel on its own is non-combustible. As long as you follow our storage safety guidelines, your storage container will be safe and sound. Here’s a quick summary of something we suggest to avoid storing: 
    • Chemicals of any kind
    • Aerosol canisters or any gas canister 
    • Food and other perishables 
    • Plants and other living objects
  • Pest proof – with a pair of steel doors and a lock your container is essentially pest-proof. If you’re worried about odours or insects, try mothballs or a box of baking soda.

You can rest easy knowing your stuff has four steel walls around it!

Moving How to Pack Your Shipping Storage Container

When we say a storage container can be used as a moving truck, you might think “what it’s going to grow wheels?” and in a way, ya it can! Shipping containers are made to be moved, and with our delivery and pick up process, you get the luxury of having your storage locker delivered and picked up. All you have to worry about is packing your stuff (unfortunately we can’t help here)

You ever want to revamp a room in your house, give it a fresh coat of paint and get some new flooring; it sounds excellent until – where am I going to keep my furniture! 

You could throw a tarp over your couches, maybe take over another room in your house for a week or have a storage container dropped off at your door. 

You tell our drivers where you want it placed and boom – instant extra space to keep your belongings safely out of harm’s way until the project is done. 

You can even keep your tools in there after your work is done for the day to keep it out of harm’s way (or your toe’s way), right on your property. Once you’re done, we come and grab the container.

Work Space

So you loved doing your renovations so much you decide you want to build a table, a workshop would be mighty handy right now. 

With one of our smaller containers, you can set up a temporary workshop directly on your property. You can store your tools and work inside the box to keep your house clean and the mess, well, contained.

Not a carpenter, no worries here are just some ideas of how you can use this space:

  • Artist space – from painting to sculpting, creating a work of art means making a few messes, let us help you keep the mess outside. 
  • Garden shed – keep your large items stored over the winter once spring hits grab that riding mower out of storage!
  • Temporary office space – it sounds wild, but it’s quite common. If you’re working from home in a full house, a quiet space to retreat and work is a must.
  • Temporary Gym – Missing leg day? No room at home for a home gym? This one might be a very niche idea but a home gym that utilizes outside…getting fancy.

Pop-up Events

This is the climax of the journey, how out of the big steel box are we thinking? Way out. Don’t knock it until you try it; pop-up venues are an excellent way for a smaller business to add a temporary location

Let’s break it down; a store needs at least two features:

  • A storefront 
  • A stock room

With a shipping container, you can either use the space as 

And it doesn’t end at a store, here are few ideas of how you can use a Steel shipping container as a venue: the venue for your shop or use the storage pod to keep your things safely stored and out of the way. 

  • Art gallery: pop open the doors, hang some lights and display your art – move over AGO!
    shipping container with doors open

    20 ft by 8ft with hardwood floors, your pop up venue can be delivered to your site and picked up when you’re done!

  • Wifi Hotspot – set up your storage space with a power source and a modem, and you’re set. Who would need this? 
    • Throw a video game tournament outside to have some fun with your community while getting to enjoy the sunshine.
    • Do you go to coffee shops without wifi? Here’s your chance to give your customers all the comforts of inside…outside! 
    • Drive-ins are making a comeback. Why not put one on for your neighbourhood? You can even use the container as the projector room too.
  • Outdoor Events – have a dream of having your wedding in a field? Use a shipping container as a venue; here are some ideas: 
    • The bar
    • Buffet Area
    • Coat Check
    • A/V Closet 

You’re only limited only by what you can think of, well that and the law. 


We hope we were able to get you to think outside the box, but for those asking, “why would anyone do this instead of X?” it’s simple – we do the hard part. At the end of the day, a shipping container is a room, and a Mobile Storage shipping container is a room we will deliver to you. That means:

  • No construction 
  • No permits
  • Temporary 
  • Portable 
  • Secure
We provide you delivery, transport and pick up the shipping container you do the rest. From storage to leg day, storage containers can be used for so much more than just store. Check out our other blogs to learn how we can make your next project a breeze and get your free quote today by filling out the form below.
Storage Shipping Container Pod Packing

Where to Begin: How To Pack Your Home 

How to Pack Your Shipping Storage Container
Like most chores, packing up your home can easily be put off until the last minute, leaving you flustered and disorganized on top of dealing with the stressful task of actually moving houses. The best way to avoid is by being prepared – obvious, but tricky to tackle. Mobile Storage Rentals knows that being faced with a daunting task can be discouraging, so we wanted to help by breaking down how to pack your home effectively! Check out our other posts on how to properly pack a storage shipping container to get your whole process sorted, from start to finish. 

What’s Your Game Plan

Before we dive into the actual packing, it’s best to develop a plan early on that divides the task up into smaller, easier to complete tasks. The list will be long, but getting a head start allows you to organize your move better. 

How you structure your plan is up to you, usually it can be done by rooms, spaces or categories. If you live in a multi-story home and have others to consider, put on your supervisor cap and assign some of the tasks, ask yourself:

  • What makes the most sense with my living conditions? 
  • Are there rooms/items I will need throughout my remaining time here?
  • What do I need on my last day here? What about my first day at the new house?
  • Is everything coming with me?

Pro Tip: Go around rooms and mark what you will take, put in storage or donate/sell with coloured post-its.

Your plan should be drafted and ready to use six weeks before moving day, allowing you time to gather your supplies and start to pack your home at a comfortable pace. 

The Purge

So you’ve made yourself a schedule and are starting to make your way through packing up your home. Take this opportunity to go through your items and consider donating or selling items. Moving homes can be a fun and refreshing experience, enabling you to start again with a fresh new look. As you start to pack your home consider these questions to help you decide what’s staying or going:

  • Do I still need this? Do I use this? 
  • Does this fit with my new home’s style?
  • Am I keeping this because I want it or sentimental value? 

Just as spring cleaning allows you to make room in your home, a light purge lets you solve space and clutter issues before you take it with you. You can hold a yard sale to earn some quick cash, donate your items to your local thrift store, or if you don’t want to part with your items, you can put them in storage. This step isn’t mandatory, but it can help free up space if you’re looking to start fresh or are moving into a smaller home. 

The Mess Hall

About a month before you move, you should plan your upcoming meals you will be preparing at home; Doing this allows you to cut down on food waste and to have to deal with perishables on moving day. You can take food items with you, but they can be damaged or spoiled while moving, adding an extra layer of complexity to the process. If you’re cooking for a family, this can be done closer towards moving day by slowly weening out unessential items form your shopping list. 

Last Week Bag

In the weeks following your move remember to pack a suitcase with items you’ll use while your other belongings are packed. A best practice is to include clothes, medications, toiletries and paperwork you should have ready on hand. This is also important if you are moving a long distance and anticipate that your items could be delayed from arriving at your new home. Having a “last week bag” also sets expectations you can keep yourself to; all your items can be packed ready to move without you worrying about your essentials.

Pro Tip: Pack a cleaning kit you can use to clean your new place and clean items as you unpack them.

Keep It Together

As you pack your home, make sure you keep your room’s items together and label your boxes clearly. Unpacking can be just as annoying if you turn it into a game to find the toothpaste, so tag your boxes and make sure items are packed in an order that is logical to you.

If you have items in boxes already, a time-saving hack is to use cling wrap and cover bins and move them as is. Pack drawers in ziplock bags, clothing can be left on hangers and packed in garbage bags, silverware can be wrapped in newspaper. You can cut down on the supplies you use and save your packaging for items that can’t be packed like this.

Pro Tip: The order of how you pack is up to you, but consider packing your least used rooms and work your way to the places you use often. 

Gone But Not Forgotten 

So your things are packed, and you’ve decided to keep some of your items in storage. Deciding what type of storage you choose is up to you, but keep in mind things like the size you need, the length of time you’ll be using the space and the ease of access to your items. Looking to save space or store your belongings? Fill out the free quote form and start your move on the right note with Mobile Storage Rentals!

Benefits of shipping containers

5 Benefits That Make Shipping Containers The Best Storage Space

Whether you’re looking to renovate, move, or free up some office space, Mobile Storage Rentals knows everyone needs a safe and secure place to keep their belongings. With our steel shipping containers, we can take away the stress of having to find a suitable storage space. 

Never used a Mobile Storage container before and unfamiliar with their capabilities as a storage unit? Check out these five benefits to using a storage container.


The most obvious benefit of using a shipping container, as a storage unit, is the size! The standard storage container is 8ft by 20ft, which is almost four times the average storage locker space. Mobile Storage Containers aren’t just spacy, they also cost less than other storage options that offer only a fraction of the area. Standard 5ft by 10ft storage lockers cost more than our 8ft by 10ft storage container, and that’s without the transportation of your items. When looking to move your items, Mobile Storage Rentals’ containers cost 3 times less than your average movers would charge to only transport your belongings.


Shipping containers are great because they’re portable and made to be transported. The ability to pack, move, and store your items all in one space is a huge benefit when it comes to finding the right storage solution for you. With Mobile Storage Rentals’ process, we bring the storage pod directly to you! Once you’ve packed the storage container, our team will take it off your hands and deliver it to our secure on-site storage facility. Are you looking to move and need the receptacle delivered there? No worries, we can also move your belongings to another location for you to unload at your pace. 


A significant benefit of using shipping containers for storage is how they enable you to be flexible with your plans. Are you looking to store your items off-site? Great! We’re happy to transport your belongings to our secure storage facility. Would you rather keep your belongings on your property? As long as the area has 14ft of vertical space, our delivery team is happy to place it wherever you’d like. Looking to extend your rental time? We understand projects can take longer than expected, that’s why we allow you to use your container for as long as you need.


The durability of a storage container makes your investment go a long way. Shipping containers, on average, last about 20 years and are designed to safely transport items long distances, sometimes facing harsh weather conditions along the way. And what’s best about using a steel storage pod? They’re non-combustible! Where else would you rather store your personal belongings than a weatherproof, fireproof, steel shipping container!

Mobile Storage Rentals’ containers are the largest and most secure in the industry; each one is ISO certified, waterproof, and standard for shipping dry goods all over the world. As long as your contents are securely packed, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe and sound.


With storage containers being used to transport goods worldwide, you have the added security of 14 gauge, 0.075-inch corrugated sheet steel panels protecting your belongings. No one is getting into your storage container without making enough noise to alert you. If you choose to store your belongings at our secure storage facility, we have preventative measures to ensure your property is protected. Mobile Storage Rentals don’t come with locks, so consider adding it to your list.

Where you store your belongings matters to you and at Mobile Storage Rentals, we take pride in providing our customers with the knowledge that their belongings are safe. If you’re looking to start a move, check out our moving process from pick-up to drop-off to learn more about our process. If you’re interested in renting a Mobile Storage Rentals shipping container, fill out the form below for your quick quote today!

Mobile Storage Rentals Service: What to Expect From Drop Off to Pick Up

No matter your reason for using our Mobile Storage Rentals service, our #1 priority is making sure your belongings are safe so you can focus on more important things – like moving your family. 

Our storage solutions give you lots of time to load and unload your container on your own schedule. Whether you’re painting, installing new flooring, downsizing, upgrading, adding an addition, or renovating your business, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and sound. 

So how does it work?

We make it an easy and stress-free experience, from dropping off your storage container to picking it up from your new home. That’s because:

  • You load once and unload once. That’s it. 
  • You don’t have to worry about renting (or driving) trucks.
  • It’s a cheaper solution than hiring a moving company.
  • It gives you the time and space to declutter, renovate and stage your home so you can get it on the market faster and sell it for what it’s worth.
  • You’ll have flexibility in case of different home closing dates.
  • It provides clean, rodent-proof, weather-resistant storage that you can trust.
  • All of our truck drivers are fully trained.
  • No place to store it? That’s okay, we can store it in our secure site.
  • It’s great for long or short-term storage, depending on your moving plans.

Here are the five simple steps you can expect when using our Mobile Storage Rentals  service.

Step One: Prepping for Your Container

Before your storage container is delivered, there are a few things you can do to prepare:


  • Take some time to measure your delivery space before deciding which size of container to rent. 
  • A container requires 14 feet of vertical clearance and (depending on the dimensions) you will need roughly 10-20 feet to accommodate a container.
  • The delivery truck will require an additional 35 feet of space.
  • Please ensure overhead wires, branches, or overhangs do not prevent delivery.

Image of Delivery Space Required

How do you know which size of container is right for you?

Ask yourself: 


  • How much furniture do you own? 
  • Do you have many heavy or awkwardly shaped items?
  • Do you have a lot of existing storage space? (Think of garages, sheds, cold cellars, and closets full to the brim with your things.)
  • Do you have items that are more delicate and susceptible to damage, like leather furniture, mirrors, or artwork?

Step Two: Container Delivery

With a Mobile Storage Rentals storage container, transportation is easy and convenient. You select the size of container and delivery date, and your portable storage container will be delivered right to your door by one of our trained operators.

Once the container is dropped off, you’re ready for the main event – packing!

Storage units for moving

Step Three: Pack Your Container

One day to move an entire house of possessions is a huge task that most people dread.

Who wouldn’t?

That’s why our mobile storage solutions take the “one day rush” out of moving, allowing you to pack at your own pace.
Another huge benefit? You’ll only have to load and unload once. Plus, you can take a couple of days, a week, or a month to get it done – the only schedule you need to worry about is your own. 

Our containers cost a third of the price of movers, with the added benefit of your storage container being steps from your front door. Remember to pack your container contents evenly and tightly to prevent shifting (we have more tips for packing your storage container here.)

Step Four: Store Your Container

You can store your weather-resistant storage container just steps away from your home, so you can pack and access items at your leisure.

Not ready to move in yet? No problem! We can store your belongings at one of our secure storage yards. When you’re ready, we’ll deliver your container to your new home or office.

Our containers are the largest and most secure in the industry. Each one is ISO certified, waterproof, and meets the standard for shipping dry goods all over the world.

Is a storage container not quite right for you? Our storage units and PODs have often been used to provide safe and secure storage for:

  • Moving
  • Renovations
  • Events and parties
  • Emergencies
  • On-site storage during construction
  • University student storage
  • And even movie production

Storage units for business


Step Five: Container Pick Up

When you’re ready to move, one of our certified drivers will pick up your portable storage container and move it to your new home or office. If your contents are going to another area or our storage facility, you can rest easy knowing that our drivers keep a steady pace to prevent any of your belongings from shifting or becoming damaged.

The loading process gently tilts the container, with the maximum angle being no steeper than the truck going uphill. Once it’s on the truck, our driver will safely deliver your container.

You can then unpack your storage container on your own schedule, and when you’re ready we’ll pick it up. 

Storage pod being delivered to a home

Interested in hearing more? You can request a free quote from our team here.

How to pack a storage container

10 Helpful Tips For Packing A Storage Container

Moving is a stressful and chaotic time. It can challenge our sanity – and often does. How could it not? There are so many things to remember. 

Despite our best efforts, sometimes important details get overlooked. But don’t worry – we’re here to be your safety net and catch any details you miss. 

So, let’s get to why you’re here…how do you pack a storage container?

It might seem like a simple question, but it’s an important one, even if it’s not at the forefront of our minds when we are trying to move an entire home. 

Storage containers are very useful when moving your home or business. They offer a durable, waterproof storage solution that gives you the time and the space to pack properly. Our steel shipping containers offer self-enclosed storage, eliminating rodent or bug problems, and because they are made to transport items long distances they also make great long-term storage options.

No matter your reason for using a Mobile Storage Rentals storage container, follow our 10 tips for packing a storage container to make sure you’re making the most of the space and your belongings arrive in-tact. 

1. Make a Plan

You should start with a game plan. Make a list of your large furniture, fragile items, and awkwardly shaped objects and decide on their order and placement.

Whether you’re moving, renovating, or simply storing items, it’s important you plan it out so you don’t bury something important you’ll need to access.

Her are a few important questions to ask yourself:

  • Will you need to access these items on short notice?
  • Will certain items need to be loaded in a specific order?
  • How many heavy items do I have? (More on this below…)
  • How much space will I need? What is my largest piece of furniture?
  • What does the new layout of my home look like?
  • Will I have to move the living room in before the kitchen?


Now that you have a plan, you can organize your boxes by the size and quantity and label them by room for easy packing later.

2. Stock Up On Supplies

Moving all of your belongings requires a lot of supplies. Some people buy new while others try to source greener options, but either way ensure you’re prepared to pack!

Here are some supplies we suggest to make moving easier: 

  • Moving boxes of all sizes
  • Packing tape for securing items and sealing boxes
  • Spare scissors or exacto knife 
  • Bubble wrap or newspapers
  • Moving blankets
  • Water bottles and snacks
tips for packing a storage container - supply list

No move will ever go exactly to plan, so make sure you have extra supplies. It’s better to be safe than sorry! It’s also important to stay hydrated and fed on moving day – with a busy schedule, simple snacks like granola bars and fruit are an easy solution.


Don’t forget to consolidate your cleaning supplies by packing a basic kit that includes items like rags and cleaning products so you can clean as you unpack. 

3. Secure Your Belongings

No one wants to see their belongings damaged or lost. Luckily, when you use our storage containers, we ensure that your belongings are safely secured. 

Each Mobile Storage Rental shipping container is equipped with easy-to-locate anchor hoops. You can use rope, ratchet straps, or bungee cords to secure your belongings. This is a very important step you shouldn’t skip.

When you’re securing any top-heavy or awkward objects, be sure they are strapped in tightly. This guarantees nothing is damaged by it shifting or sliding during transit. We want to ensure the safety of everyone involved during your move, as well as protect your belongings. 

You can find more information on how to secure your belongings here.

4. Cover Up!

Once you’ve placed your large belongings in your storage container, it’s important to protect surfaces that can be scratched, dented or chipped. Wrap furniture in blankets, bubble wrap, or lay down cardboard to protect items like hardwood tables, paintings, and mirrors. 

Pack your glassware and electronics in furniture like wardrobes and desks. Use newspaper to fill in the gaps. Make the most of your space and keep your valuables safe!

5. Distribute the Weight Evenly

It’s important to keep in mind how you will distribute weight throughout the container. To avoid tipping your container, evenly distribute the weight throughout the storage container. A typical mistake is stacking all of your heavy furniture at the back while the front is full of boxes.

Ask yourself: 

  • Am I loading too much on one side of the storage container?
  • How far is the container travelling?
  • Any sudden turns along the way?
  • Will I be able to access my items easily with this layout?
  • Am I using space efficiently?

6. Pack Your Container Tightly

Try to pack your container tightly to prevent shifting during transport. Use your plan from step one, layer objects on one another to weigh them down, and fit items together to interlock them and reduce shifting.

As you pack, look for any spaces where objects can shift or fall over and fill them in with pillows, clothing, towels, or blankets. You can also s
tand couches on their end to allow for more floor space. (For leather couches, covering it and standing it on its end protects the leather from ripping due to weight.) Use your packing tape to make sure all drawers and cabinets are tapped shut. 

Our loading and shipping procedures ensure your container will not be subject to any steep tilting or sudden turns, but it’s still a good idea to pack your possessions tightly for added protection.

7. Keep Stability in Mind

Make sure you have a stable load by using boxes that are roughly the same size and structurally sound. If you’re reusing boxes, you can reinforce them with your packing tape. 

To make the process of unpacking a breeze, label your boxes to identify contents quickly and keep a record of what items are where. 

Place heavier items on the floor and stack lighter things on top. Do not pile items too high – try to keep it an even height.

Take into consideration the changes in humidity and temperature while your belongings are in a Mobile Storage container. Our containers are waterproof, but if temperatures change some objects may be at risk of damage. 

8. Be Mindful of Access

If you are using a container for an extended period, consider what objects you might need to access and place them near the front of the shipping container. Things like important documents, medications, or electronics.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make a path so you can enter your container without unpacking. If you find that you have a lot of items that you need on a daily basis (or if you are planning to store your shipping container at our storage facility) consider using luggage to keep essential items with you.

Keep your important documents in a plastic or metal container that will be easy to identify and won’t be susceptible to water damage.

9. Long-Term Packing

How long are you planning on using the storage container? Some people use our containers for months as a long-term storage solution. If you’re planning to do this, consider the following:

  • Can my items be damaged by sudden drops or rises in temperature?
  • Can my items be affected by humidity?
  • Are there items that can attract insects or other pests?
  • Are mildew and other factors like odour and fire safety a possibility?

Here are some more expert tips to consider if you’re using our storage containers for several months:

    • If you’re storing fabrics and furniture that can absorb odours, consider leaving an open box of baking soda to absorb any unpleasant smells.
    • To protect your items from water damage, inspect your storage container on arrival with the driver to ensure your container is free of any cracks or leaks.
    • Store cardboard boxes and containers with paper documents off the ground.
    • Avoid storing items like pet food, food items, or plants as these can attract insects and other pests.
    • Take preventative fire safety measures by planning ahead and unplugging all electronics 24 hours prior to packing them and removing all batteries.
    • Under no circumstances should you store chemicals or aerosol cans in your shipping container as sudden changes in temperature can cause these items to combust or release toxic vapours.
    • Take into consideration humidity and mildew by storing items that are 100% dry and packing items with a desiccant, like silica gel packets, to absorb moisture.

10. Always Lock Up

You must provide your own lock for your storage container; remember to store the the key or combination in a safe place. Even if the storage container will remain on your property, it is essential to buy a lock that only you have the means to unlock.

If your shipping container is being kept at one of Mobile Storage Rentals storage facilities, having your own second lock is an added measure.


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Mobile Storage Donates container for Syrian Refugee Family

Mobile Storage Rentals is so happy to donate a storage container to the St Marks Church in Kitchener. The St Marks Syrian refugee committee needed a storage container while gathering furniture and clothing for a Syrian family that they are sponsoring. The Syrian family arriving in Kitchener had nothing but there clothes on there back.
St Marks organized a fundraising and donation effort. They raised enough money to rent an apartment for a year, and completely furnished the apartment. 
What a great country we live in! We are all on this earth together, and should share our good fortune.