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The Benefits of Storage Containers & Pods

The Benefits of Storage Containers

Portable storage solutions come in numerous shapes and sizes, giving customers many options when looking to store personal belongings.


To start, let’s take a look at two popular types of portable storage units used for short or long term purposes:

  • ISO storage containers.
  • Containers units have become common in the last few years. 

If you’re looking for affordable, secure, and easy-to-use storage that can be either rented for a short period or purchased for long-term, on-site storage, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each option for you.

What are Containers?

Containers (which stands for Portable On Demand Storage) are steel-framed portable containers to keep your belongings safe.

  • Translucent roof to let in plenty of light for easy loading 
  • A locking roll-up door for convenience and security 
  • Near ground-level loading
  • Vented, galvanized steel exterior to reduce moisture and humidity
  • Sturdy railings inside to hang clothing or secure items
  • Convenient 12′, 16′, and 20′ size options
  • Perfect for short-term storage

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What are Storage Containers?

Like Containers, storage containers are containers with the strength to withstand shipment, storage, weather, and handling. They’re designed to be moved from one mode of transportation to another without unloading and reloading.

  • Storage containers are built from heavy-duty Corten steel and come standard with locking cargo doors on one end.
  • Standard size storage containers for residential storage are guaranteed to be windproof and watertight, and with lockboxes installed, they are essentially 100% secure.
  • ISO sizes are 10′, 20′, 40. Custom containers are easily fabricated into any required length to fit your exact specifications.
  • Lightweight steel roll-up doors can be installed, and many other custom modifications can be done to your container.
  • Available for rent or purchase.
  • Can withstand weather conditions for long-term storage outside.

Security Features

Both options come with security features to help keep your belongings safe and allow you to put your padlock on the doors that only you can access. 


  • Storage Containers come with roll-up doors. These doors are lightweight and easy to open.
  • Storage containers come with cargo doors and can be modified further for additional security. Cargo doors keep out pests, thieves, water, and moisture.

Ultimately, it comes down to your needs, but location and weather can play an essential part in your decision. 

Short Term Storage

Are you planning on moving or doing some home renovations soon? Short-term portable storage can offer a huge benefit for these types of projects. Most short-term portable storage is needed nearby the house or office for ease of access, so security is an important consideration.


  • Containers are often thought of due to their ease of access roll-up doors and provided service.
  • Storage containers provide a solution that caters to residential storage in timeframes of up to 3 months.
  • The ISO storage container has long been known as the world’s strongest mobile or stationary modular structure.

Containers offer affordability and convenience, but if your remodeling project takes longer than expected, you might want to consider the flexibility of storage containers to make sure your belongings remain safe. Contact us today for a quote.

Long Term Storage

The facts here are simple: ISO storage containers have the most flexible, cost-effective, and secure options for long-term portable storage. 

If your short-term renovation turns into a long-term project, or if you’re planning a major construction job, you’ll want a solution that will keep your belongings safe and not cost you a fortune. With storage containers, you have the security and the option to buy instead of rent. 

When it comes to buying storage containers for long-term residential storage, it’s a blank canvas. 

You can have vents installed, walk-through doors, or even skylights! Virtually any type of modification can be done to storage containers, including insulation and electrical.


  • ISO storage containers are a more cost-efficient and customizable portable storage option.
  • With sizes ranging from 10′ up to 40′ in length, the storage container provides enough storage for an entire house, office, or even multiple homes’ belongings.
  • Perfect for storage of goods for 5, 10, or 20 years or more needed additional storage space. 


ISO containers are manufactured to carry cargo, and once they have served that function, they can be re-purposed as portable storage containers.


Containers are made of steel frames with aluminum skin panels and have translucent tops that let in some ambient light – which can be a huge benefit when loading. The lightweight construction of containers offers some weather resistance for a short-term period. 


Storage containers are entirely weatherproof and can be used to store your belongings for literal decades if needed.


They were made for rough, unforgiving transport across the ocean, open roads, and railroads. They’re crafted from certified 8-gauge steel, which is durable and protective.


Containers were designed to be an easy, hassle-free solution, so the available container models are standardized. It saves you the trouble of navigating different specifications.


Weather protection is also an issue to consider when choosing. Containers offer resistance to weather conditions and are great for short terms outside. Storage containers provide full weatherproof protection against the elements but don’t have the same convenience and ease-of-use of containers.


Containers are a convenient and affordable solution compared to hiring a professional moving company but don’t have quite as many options or the durability of a storage container.


The bottom line is simply that both options have some great benefits depending on your situation. Both storage containers and containers are affordable, secure, and flexible solutions for your portable storage needs.


If you’re looking for a storage container, contact us at any time for a quote.


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