Storage Container Description

Shipping Container Description

Image of Delivery Space Required
Please Measure Your Delivery Space!
Delivery requires 14 feet of vertical clearance.
Please ensure overhead wires, branches, overhangs etc. do not prevent delivery.

Our 8×20 containers are all ISO Certified shipping containers.

  • 8ft wide 20ft long 8.5ft high
  • ISO certified shipping container (the standard for shipping dry goods all over the world)
  • Wind and water tight, fire resistant and rodent proof
  • extra, additional venting for a moderate storage climate
  • heavy duty seals on doors
  • equipped with lock boxes
  • extremely clean and in new condition
  • corten steel construction
  • extra tie-offs to secure your load
  • Built with secure corten steel
  • Sealed doors, no room for leaks or insects
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Lockable door handles
  • Weatherproof vents

Storage container with tie downs


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Please indicate your city and if you need to store your container or delivery directly to your new location.


    *Local packages only available in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau, New Dundee, & Mannheim.