Local Moving Containers
Local Moving Containers
Take the rush out of a one-day move! Pack at your own pace, when you are ready, we will pick up and deliver the container to your new home.
Storage Containers For Moving
How It Works...
Step 1
We Deliver Your Container

Your Portable Storage Container will be delivered right to your door its easy & convenient.
Step 2
You Pack Your Container

Load and unload at your own pace! Take a couple of days, a week, a month!
Step 3
We Move Your Container

When your Portable Storage Container Is ready to move we'll pick it up and move it to your new destination.
Step 4
We Store Your Container

Not ready to move in yet? We can store your belongings at one of our secure storage yards. Once you are ready we can deliver your container to your new destination.

Storage Containers For Moving

Free Local Delivery KW (984 × 160 px) V3

image of a lady with cardboard boxes for movingLoad and unload at your own pace! Take a couple of days, a week, a month!
When you use a mobile storage container to move your home, it takes the one day rush out of moving. Our containers are the largest and most secure in the industry, they are all ISO certified and the standard for shipping dry goods all over the world.

Image of Delivery Space Required
Please Measure Your Delivery Space!
Delivery requires 14 feet of vertical clearance.
Please ensure overhead wires, branches, overhangs etc. do not prevent delivery.

Cheaper Than Movers. No Truck Rentals!

Why hire movers when you can use a mobile storage container for a 1/3 of the price. Take your time to load and unload your container at your convenience. Paint, install new flooring, renovate your new home before moving your stuff in. Allows flexibility during your move.

Our Process

We deliver a mobile storage container to your home. You take your time to load. We can bring it directly to your new home or to our secure storage yard for storage. If the unit is in storage, once your new home is ready, we can deliver the unit.

  • No truck rentals
  • Cheaper then movers
  • De-clutter, renovate, staging (sell your house faster, higher price)
  • Different home closing dates
  • Flexible door-door service
  • Clean, rodent-proof, weather resistant, extra venting
  • Storage your site or our secure site
  • Deliveries by company trained drivers
  • Short or long term storage available
  • Saves money, time and work!
  • Load once, unload once

Moving your belongings has never been easier!
Contact us to have a moving container delivered right to your door!



Fill out your information and we will get right back to you.
Please indicate your city and if you need to store your container or delivery directly to your new location.