Cottage Closing Tips

Seasonal Storage Tips You’ll Appreciate Next Year

While the summer days are drifting away into those cool autumn nights, make sure your belongings are kept safe for next year. From closing up your cottage to putting away your favourite pool noodle, we’re your storage experts all year-round. 

To make sure that you can pick up where left off this year, we wanted to share some end of the Summer-season storage tips!

We spend most of the colder months inside. It’s worth considering making some extra space and taking back your basement by using a storage container. A mobile storage container makes the work of self-storage that much easier by having your container delivered to your front door. What about your cottage? Our containers can be delivered anywhere in southern Ontario, so whether it’s your home or your home away from home, Mobile Storage Rentals is there to keep your things safe and secure. 


Closing down your cottage is essential to keep your property safe and in tip-top shape over the winter months. Some of the major tasks that go with closing your cottage are:

  • Shut off Gas/Heat – If your cottage is propane heated, make sure to bring home the tanks, sudden changes in temperature can cause compressed gases to combust. 
  • Shutting off your water – No Heat + water in pipes = exploding pipes. Drain your toilet too, you’ll thank us next spring.  
  • Empty fridge and bring home perishable foods – Again, you’ll thank us next spring.  
  • Put away all life vests, first aid kits, water toys and outdoor furniture, if your cottage is hard to get to during the winter, it’s best to store these items in a place you can access them just in case. 

For those who have the luxury of owning your own pier, newer piers can actually be brought in and disassembled. Keeping this in a storage container ensures your investment is safe and that no bacteria or pests make it into your cottage. 

Inside Your House

Your home takes on many duties during the winter months, going from a house to everyone’s hangout spot. Spending that much time in a cramped space can make winter months a drag, take back your basement and make the most of your area by doing a bit of autumn-cleaning. 

What you decide to keep depends on your needs, but with our storage tips, you can make sure your packing job leaves you easy access to your belongings. So as you go through your house, use these ideas to determine what you’ll keep and what goes into storage.

  • Wardrobe – once the temperature starts to dip, go through your summer clothes and see what fits and store what you want to keep for next year, everything else can be donated. 
  • AC/Heater Swap – If your living situation requires an external A/C, swap it out for a heater or store it safely once the weather starts to get colder. 
  • Beach Supplies & Pool Toys – Why keep things you won’t use until next year? Beach supplies like towels, parasols, pool toys and swimming gear can go into storage. This helps keep your items away from pests that can chew through your swimming items, saving you money in the long run. 
  • Plan Ahead – The holiday season is fast approaching, do you have room to host gatherings and celebrations? Take a quick trip around your home, are there items that can go into storage, so you have more space for guests? 

While you could keep these items in your basement, a steel storage container brings the benefits of being pest-proof, waterproof and fireproof so you can reclaim your space. 

Backyard, Garden and Yard

As the warmer months wrap up and you find yourself using your lawn tools less, take the time to do a final maintenance check on them before storing them away. This way, they’re out of harm’s way, out of reach from curious little hands, and you can make more room in your home for winter tools. 

What’s summer without the BBQ? Keep your grill safe and ready for next year by keeping it in a storage container to keep it secure. When Storing a BBQ, keep in mind to:

  • Remove propane tank and coals – NEVER store combustible materials as the temperatures can change, causing them to combust. 
  • Clean out ash, grease and food bits from the bottom of the grill, as it can attract pests. 

Pro Tip: Once you have cleaned the grill, leave a light layer of oil on it, this will keep it from oxidizing and rusting. 

No combustible chemicals are permitted to be stored in our shipping containers as it’s a safety hazard. 

Outdoor Furniture

We all love a good set of patio furniture, but why let your investment rust outdoors when you can keep them safe and sound in a storage container? Keep your backyard oasis in pristine condition for yourself next year, here are some things to keep in mind when you store outdoor furniture. 

  •  Clean fabrics – Cushions and hammocks should go through a cleaning cycle before going away in storage, this eliminates any pests and keeps them fresh for next year. 
  • Wipe down metal furniture with rust-deterrent before placing in storage 

Pro Tip: Store patio chairs by stacking them on top of each other and cover the legs with plastic bags for added protection.

Summer Toys

It’s the end of the summer, and it’s time to start thinking about one of the toughest jobs to do: Packing up your toys. Things like canoes, ATVs, boats and motorcycles can all be stored in a mobile storage container. Here are some things to consider when storing summer vehicles and water vessels:

  • Motorized vehicles like ATVs and Motorcycles can be stored as long as they are drained of fuel, and the battery is stored outside the vehicle. 
  • Vessels like canoes and boats should be drained, cleaned and stored. Check to make sure life vests, first aid kits and equipment are in working order.
  • All vehicles should go through one last maintenance check to ensure everything is in working order and ready for next year. 

So ends another summer, your cottage is packed, the backyard is ready for Fall leaves and your container is tucked away at our storage facility, storage has never been this simple. Fill out the free quote form and start your move on the right note with Mobile Storage Rentals!


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