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Student Storage and Moving Tips

Pre MoveThe best place to start when moving is to plan out how you will tackle the task. Since you’re most likely only moving from one room to another, the...
Cottage Closing Tips

Seasonal Storage Tips You’ll Appreciate Next Year

While the summer days are drifting away into those cool autumn nights, make sure your belongings are kept safe for next year. From closing up your cottage to putting away...
Storage Locker

What Can You Use Shipping Containers For?

We’ve all thought it at one point; we see the shipping container in someone’s driveway, the thought appears- “they need it for extra storage,” and you move on. Repurposing shipping...
Storage Shipping Container Pod Packing

Where to Begin: How To Pack Your Home 

Like most chores, packing up your home can easily be put off until the last minute, leaving you flustered and disorganized on top of dealing with the stressful task of...
Benefits of shipping containers

5 Benefits That Make Shipping Containers The Best Storage Space

Whether you’re looking to renovate, move, or free up some office space, Mobile Storage Rentals knows everyone needs a safe and secure place to keep their belongings. With our steel...

Mobile Storage Rentals Service: What to Expect From Drop Off to Pick Up

No matter your reason for using our Mobile Storage Rentals service, our #1 priority is making sure your belongings are safe so you can focus on more important things –...
How to pack a storage container

10 Helpful Tips For Packing A Storage Container

Moving is a stressful and chaotic time. It can challenge our sanity – and often does. How could it not? There are so many things to remember.  Despite our best...

Mobile Storage Donates container for Syrian Refugee Family

Mobile Storage Rentals is so happy to donate a storage container to the St Marks Church in Kitchener. The St Marks Syrian refugee committee needed a storage container while gathering...

Best Packing Tips

Here are some helpful Tips for packing your Mobile Storage container:Have a general plan of the order and placement of the items you will be packingMake sure your container is...


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